Ian McKellen as retired detective in "Mr. Holmes" clip (video)

Ian McKellen as retired detective in

PanARMENIAN.Net - First footage from "Mr. Holmes" has landed online in the form of a clip. The video sees Ian McKellen as an older version of the title character. Having been retired, the famous detective now spends his days on a countryside. In the scene, he is seen telling a young boy that he intends to write down the story of his last case that led him to retirement after one night he realized that he began losing memory of his past, AceShowbiz reports.

Loosely adapted from Mitch Cullin's novel "A Slight Trick of the Mind", the movie is set in 1947. Now 93 years old, Sherlock Holmes lives in his Sussex country house. Long since retired, he steers clear of people and dedicates himself chiefly to bee-keeping. The only people he suffers to be around him are housekeeper Mrs. Munro and her small son Roger, whom Holmes is initiating into the secrets of apiculture.

But sometimes his thoughts are beset by old cases. What really went on with the mysterious Ann Kelmot, whom he shadowed at her husband's behest? And what connects him to the Umezaki family, who have invited him to Japan? Holmes undertakes one final big journey, experiences a botanical miracle and resolves to tell a compassionate lie.

Bill Condon directed the film and wrote the script. Also supported by Laura Linney, Milo Parker and Colin Starkey in the cast, the movie will be released in theaters sometime this year.

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