Fresh photos show Tom Hardy in WWII epic “Dunkirk”

Fresh photos show Tom Hardy in WWII epic “Dunkirk”

PanARMENIAN.Net - Fresh photos offer a rare insight into how star Tom Hardy has been turned into a World War Two Spitfire ace in the new epic “Dunkirk”, the Daily Mail reports.

Christopher Nolan's eagerly anticipated drama about the Allied evacuation from Northern France in 1940 looks to be one of the most visually impressive war-time films since Saving Private Ryan.

Nolan has used host of stars for his epic, including Hardy and One Direction singer Harry Styles, and incredible machinery, gadgets and movie magic to ensure audiences feel like they are fighting alongside the cast on the beaches.

Pictures snapped on the set of the film, which has been filmed in Northern France and California, show Hardy locked into the section of a Spitfire's cockpit as bespoke camera equipment is wedged around it.

The machinery appears to offer crew members a close up view of the actor, who was wearing a pilot's fleece jacket and a life-safer - uniform synonymous with pilots at the time.

Hardy was seen being helped in and out of the cockpit which was positioned on a stage with the Californian coastline in the background, the Daily Mail says.

One shot in particular reveals how the suspense and drama of the film's flight sequences are being created, with Hardy's cockpit positioned at an angle on a specialised frame.

The plane is held in position by weights on the top of the frame, and crew members, which also holds a rig of cameras used by Nolan and his crew to film Hardy, complete with pilot's goggles, who is wedged inside the cramped cabin.

It is not clear how exactly the frame will work, but it would appear that the wheel being held by weights can move the whole cockpit allowing Nolan to create the effect that the plane is weaving and rolling in the air.

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