Five more families get decent homes thanks to VivaCell-MTS, Fuller Center

Five more families get decent homes thanks to VivaCell-MTS, Fuller Center

PanARMENIAN.Net - The housing problem directly affects public living standards and well-being. For years, VivaCell-MTS has tried to contribute to sustainable community development, poverty reduction and to families' aspiration for a decent life in their homeland. The implementation of various programs with partners is a part of this strategy.

In the last 5 years, through the housing project financed by VivaCell-MTS and implemented by Fuller Center for Housing Armenia, the housing problem of 135 families has been solved, with over AMD 333 mln invested to that end.

As a result of the partnership, in 2016 alone, 42 families from 10 provinces of Armenia have overcome the problem of substandard housing.

The heads of partnering organizations paid a regular visit to the families of Zarinja, Kakavadzor and Avan villages of Aragatsotn province, who have recently benefited from the project. Owing to the support of partnering organizations, four families have completed the construction of their half-built houses. The roof and windows of another family's house have been replaced. The Avetisyan family of five from Zarinja village had lived in a metal container after the earthquake; their three sons were born and raised there.

''Our hope of having a decent stone house had started to fade. Now everything seems possible. May all families feel how pleasant it is to have a home. I can't find words to express my gratitude. God bless you,'' said Garegin, the family father.

“Everything resonates: good emotions create positive charges, negative ones bring disappointments. The purpose of this joint project is to inspire faith in tomorrow and to pass on a system of values based on responsibility. It is crucially important to make our compatriots feel that they are not alone in facing hardships. Instead of plunging into own problems, one begins to believe in own power, shapes high self-esteem and becomes more responsible in being useful to the country,” says VivaCell-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

The Khachatryans from Kakavadzor village have also lived in a metal container for many years. The metal container, which was extremely hot in summer and cold in winter, had become the only model of house for two brothers.

''My elder son returned from the army last year, the other one is now protecting the border and has not seen our new house yet. For many years we have tried to build our house, but could not and probably would have never completed the construction if not for this project. This is a miracle: the impossible became possible for us,'' said Melkon, the father of the family.

''The most important human quality is the compassion, the ability to lend a helping hand to someone else, not when it is convenient, but when necessary. Throughout five years, VivaCell-MTS has assisted 135 families giving a feeling of happiness and optimism for future to 677 people. We are proud for this partnership,'' said Fuller Center for Housing Armenia President Ashot Yeghiazaryan.

The heads of partnering organizations also visited Avan community, where they were participating in construction work last spring. In this community, construction of 2 half-built houses has been completed.

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