Armenian kid reached polyclinic himself during Perm school attack

Armenian kid reached polyclinic himself during Perm school attack

PanARMENIAN.Net - The father of a 10-year-old Armenian boy, who was injured during an attack on a school in the Russian city of Perm has provided some details about the incident.

The boy, Menua Abroyan, and his classmates are receiving treatment at the children's hospital in Perm.

“At about 9:45am, two guys entered the classroom. One of them ran to the teacher, stabbed her with a knife and immediately approached my son,” Menua’s father, Argishti was quoted as saying.

“With cuts on his head, my son quickly jumped up and ran out into the corridor, then into the street, reached the polyclinic, where doctors helped him.”

At least nine people were wounded when two masked knifemen stormed a Russian school on Monday, January 15.

The attack on a school in Perm, western Russia, was reportedly carried out by two teenagers who were “big fans” of the infamous Columbine school massacre in the US.

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