Introduction of Mobile Connect standard by VivaCell-MTS

Introduction of Mobile Connect standard by VivaCell-MTS

PanARMENIAN.Net - Starting from 2017, VivaCell-MTS has undertaken the introduction of mobile electronic signature system in Armenia, in partnership with GSMA, an international structure uniting 1200 member organizations working in the telecommunications sector.

The company said in a statement on Thursday, April 5 that it always keeps an eye on the development trends in telecommunications, and makes steps to introduce the best of the highly demanded and innovative solutions in Armenian market.

The respective works are being implemented in line with the Armenian Government decision 572-N as of May 25, 2017. In the outcome of this cooperation the introduction of electronic signature system in Armenia will be made possible, by using the most innovative and secure solutions in the world in line with the GA decision and international technical requirements and security standards.

In the core of implementing the electronic signature system in mobile telecommunications industry is the Mobile Connect international standard, certified by the GSMA. It lets the clients verify their identity, give permissions on variety of transactions, as well as to apply mobile electronic signatures.

The mobile phone is the most convenient means of communication to use the electronic signature system. It is a convenient tool of authentication both in terms of confirming a transaction with a personal PIN-code, and equally for using biometric data.

The security level provided by Mobile Connect meets the requirements of the eIDAS regulation N910/2014 on digital authentication and accreditation for electronic transactions in internal markets, adopted by the EU on July 23, 2014. The regulation envisions a predictable and regulated environment, which lets provide secure and smooth trilateral electronic interaction between a company, a citizen, and an authorized state body.

Mobile Connect is protected against hacking attacks, since its authenticator, the Applet Authenticator, lodged inside the SIM card, applies Class 2 SMS system, which is encrypted and performs based on USSD commands, and, therefore, is invisible to malware inside the mobile phone. The messages sent via the system are encrypted, too; this lets provide two-level security. That is, the PIN-code sending and exchange occurs not on the waves of the operator’s network, but exceptionally by means of hard-coded signature exchange through strict authentication procedures directly from the phone.

VivaCell-MTS anticipates finalizing the works towards the full scale pilot implementation and integration of the elecftronic digital signature system within the next few months. This will give opportunity to provide subscribers with access to new quality services, in what relates to strict mobile digital authentication and mobile electronic signatures. The planned mobile signature system will let other mobile operators in Armenia offer their subscribers with fully available packages of electronic services by means of interconnection.

VivaCell-MTS pays importance to localization and introduction of globally applied state-of-the-art and secure systems in Armenia to render more comfortable and safe services to mobile consumers.

In order to protect VivaCell-MTS customers’ personal data, the company in has implemented ISO/IEC 27001:2013 international standard of Information Security Management System, in conformity to which the Company is obliged to preserve the availability, confidentiality and integrity of subscribers’ physical and electronic information assets.

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