Serj Tankian explains recent collab with Armenian PM

Serj Tankian explains recent collab with Armenian PM

PanARMENIAN.Net - System Of A Down frontman Serj Tankian has explained the thoughts behind the song "Hayastane" he wrote with the Armenian Prime Minister, which was released in late April.

In a conversation with television personality Araksya Karapetyan, Tankian spoke of how the track came about, noting that it stems from the past of his home country, Armenia.

“The [2018 Armenian] Revolution happened, and the new government got in and the new parliament got in,” he said. “A couple of months after the Revolution, I brought my family back to Armenia with me, ’cause when I had gone there in early May of 2018, I went alone with a few friends, and then I wanted to take my family back.

“I was hanging out with the prime minister, talking to him about different things. I played him an Armenian song that I had written, which was very sad.”

“I wrote that song. And he listened to it, and he said, ‘You know what? We have so many melancholic songs in our history. A lot of them are melancholic. Let’s write one that’s positive and victorious.’ I’m, like, ‘I’m with you. You write the lyrics, I’ll do the music.'”

Soon after, the Armenian Prime Minister had the lyrics to ‘Hayastane’ written, and Tankian stated that he “sat down, grabbed my acoustic guitar, worked on it, sent it to him for notes, and we just [went] back and forth with notes until it was done.

“So we basically co-wrote the song, and it was really fun, it was really cool. So when the COVID thing just started happening, I was in New Zealand; obviously, he is in Armenia. And I hit him up. I said, ‘I think the song is done. Should we make a video and just release it and maybe donate the funds to My Step?’ And he said, ‘What a phenomenal idea. Thank you.’ And that’s what we did.”

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