Central Electoral Commission sums up preliminary results of elections

Central Electoral Commission sums up preliminary results of elections

PanARMENIAN.Net - Chairman of the Central Election Commission Tigran Mukuchyan on Monday, June 21 published the preliminary results of snap parliamentary elections held across the country on Sunday.

Below is the number of ballots won by each party or bloc participating in the elections and the share of the vote they managed to secure:

Fair Armenia Party – 3921 (0.31%)

Armenian National Congress Party (HAK) – 19674 (1.54%)

Civil Contract – 687251 (53.92%)

Awakening National Christian Party – 4623 (0.36%)

Freedom Party – 1842 (0.14%)

I Have Honor Alliance – 66633 (5.23%)

United Homeland Party – 956 (0.08%)

All-Armenian National Statehood Party – 803 (0.06%)

Bright Armenia Party (LHK) – 15557 (1.22%)

Armenia is Our Home Party – 12162 (0.95%)

Republic Party – 38713 (3.4%)

Homeland of Armenians Party – 13115 (1.3%)

Free Homeland Alliance – 4136 (0.32%)

Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK) – 50419 (3.95%)

Democratic Party of Armenia – 5017 (0.39%)

5165 National Conservative Movement Party – 15534 (1.22%)

Citizen's Decision Social-Democratic Party – 3771 (0.3%)

Shirinyan-Babajanyan Alliance of Democrats – 19142 (1.5%)

National Agenda Party – 721 (0.6%)

Rise Party – 1245 (0.1%)

Liberal Party – 14923 (1.17 %)

Armenian Eagles Unified Armenia Party – withdrew and did not participate

European Party of Armenia (EPA) – 2786 (0.22%)

Armenia Alliance – 268165 (21.4%)

National Democratic Pole – 18767 (1.47%)

Sovereign Armenia Party – 3558 (0.28%)

A total of 25 parties and blocs were running for seats in the National Assembly. After electoral system amendments approved in April 2021, members of parliament are elected only through closed party lists by party list proportional representation method. Parties and alliances (blocs) need to pass the 5% and 7% threshold, respectively, to make it to the parliament.

According to preliminary results, Civil Contract, Hayastan and "I have Honor" blocs will have seats in the National Assembly, although the latter has not passed the 7% threshold. According to Armenian law, however, if only two forces have secured enough votes, mandates are also given to the third force with the most votes.

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