Viva-MTS-SOURCE Foundation program supports family displaced from Artsakh

Viva-MTS-SOURCE Foundation program supports family displaced from Artsakh

PanARMENIAN.Net - The Zeynalyans' daily routine and living agenda changed months after the birth of their first child, Davit. The boy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (CP). Parents noticed developmental problems in the child. The issue of Davit's rehabilitative treatment became a paramount matter for the family. The "Individual Assistant" program by Viva-MTS and the "SOURCE" Foundation has become an important support for the family displaced from Artsakh now living in Kapan, Syunik. After the birth of their second child, their daughter, the Zeynalyans started thinking about solving the delayed problems, including the need to start building a house.

Viva-MTS and the "SOURCE" Foundation pay particular attention to the effectiveness of the program not only during its implementation, but equally after. The partners prioritize the enduring results: the long-term stability of a child’s behavior, the dynamics of socialization, the readiness of cooperation in the family, etc.

The Zeynalyans are one of those families. Four-year-old Davit's personal assistant, Alvard Mirzoyan, is a physiotherapist. She knows the child from the treatment courses he attended at the rehabilitation center in Kapan. Now she is engaged in Davit's socialization, at the same time she helps her mother so that she gets some free time to take care of her newborn daughter.

"Davit was ten months old when we noticed that he was not sitting properly. He was not as mobile as his peers. A neurologist diagnosed cerebral palsy. The "Personal Assistant" program is very important for both Davit and me. Davit has become more patient. I can say the same about myself. I am calmer now, I know that Davit has a good personal assistant. I am already fully engaged in raising my second child. If there are mothers out there who have faced the same problem, my advice would be: don't despair. I do believe that Davit will walk," says the boy’s mother, Arax Harutyunyan.

The schedule of the young woman is quite busy. Arax has taken courses to improve her hairdresser skills. She is fully engaged in raising her daughter and encourages her husband to start thinking about building a house.

As a result of cooperation between Viva-MTS and "SOURCE" Foundation, the "Personal Assistant" program has been implemented for children with disabilities for 8 years. Involved in each family for 4 months, experienced, trained personal assistants provide 60 hours of child care, entertainment and skills development per month.

Over the past three years, the “Personal Assistant” program has expanded its geography to include all the regions of Armenia. Four families displaced from Artsakh have also included in the latest program.

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