Heritage member opposes Armenia’s joining Eurasian Union

Heritage member opposes Armenia’s joining Eurasian Union

PanARMENIAN.Net - A member of Heritage opposition party is opposed to Armenia’s joining the Eurasian Union, with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan Presidents having signed a decree to set up Eurasian Economic Commission.

“I don’t believe Armenia will benefit from joining countries with poor democracies and underdeveloped economies,” Armen Martirosyan told journalists at National Assembly.

“It’s hard to imagine joining the Union without having common borders. Moreover, current problems in Eurasia Union member states won’t allow Armenia to overcome its own challenges,” he noted.

“However, signing documents at night time, without prior public discussions is a common practice with Armenian authorities,” the oppositionist said.

Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan have signed a decree to set up a joint body to oversee and regulate the economy and trade in the three former Soviet countries. The Eurasian Economic Commission will be set up in January to regulate and to gradually take over functions in shaping and executing trade and economic policies from Russian, Belarusian and Kazakh authorities in a way similar to the economic bodies of the European Union.

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