Expert: Russia will try to urge Armenia into Eurasian Union

Expert: Russia will try to urge Armenia into Eurasian Union

PanARMENIAN.Net - Director of Regional Studies Center (RSC), political scientist Richard Giragosian said elections in Russia were neither legal nor transparent.

Over 90 000 surveillance cameras were installed, most of which were out of operation, he told a press conference in Yerevan.

Giragosian said the West gave almost no reaction to developments in Russia during the elections. “An interesting fact is that the opposition united against Putin, but it is split with regard to other issues, and this lessens its impact.”

According to the expert, Putin will pursue a tough policy. “Russia will try to press Armenia so that the latter joins the Eurasian Union. The process of Karabakh conflict resolution will see minor development, with no tangible changes, because not everything depends on Russia,” he said.

“There is also another party, Baku, and it does not want concessions; in addition, representatives of Nagorno Karabakh should also join the negotiations,” Giragosian added.

The political scientist believes that the Russian-U.S. relations will face a new stage of development.

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