The original thinking of "the most unique nation", i.e. the Azeri Nation

Perhaps in near future Baku will assure that when the Greek historian of the 4th century B.C. Strabon wrote about the Armenian people he meant the Azeri people.

The fact that the official Baku has always tried to attribute all the achievements and values of the people of the South Caucasus and the Middle Asia to "the ancient Azeri Nation" is no news. Every time, reading this kind of "discoveries" in the Azeri Press, one may only be astonished and even amazed at the creativity of our neighbors. They either announce that the great Iranian writer Nizami is Azeri, or take the monasteries in Georgia for their own. As a rule, there is neither any desire nor any time to waste on such nonsense. We are already tired of denying the pseudo-scientific fabrications of the Azeri historians, which was initiated by Farida Mamedov and Zia Buniatov, who in their time suggested removing Armenia from the maps, as a country which doesn't exist.
PanARMENIAN.Net - But all the above mentioned is nothing in comparison with the announcement made by the leader of the Humanistic Party of Azerbaijan Ogtay Atakhan, which is worth being quoted. "As someone, who in his time suggested an original national historical conception, I may only be sorry for it, since it is still being neglected in the Azeri history even when we know that there doesn't and will never exist another one. In compliance with this concept we should have long ago laid our claims on everything which is considered the so called "face of the Armenian Nation", including the phenomena like "Armenian", "Aravan", "Ararat", which are of great importance to our National history, as well as on the entire so called "Armenian" culture, and the so called "Armenian" church, which is historically one of the pre-Islamic religions of our ancestors," says Atakhan in his interview to We should pay attention to the last words which make it clear that the Azeri people were the first Christians. And the Armenian Nation, according to the same "humanist" is an artificially created nation, which is guilty of a thousand-year of spiritual and physical genocide of peaceful Azeri people… And the state of Armenia itself has never existed and never does; instead there is "the great and only Azerbaijan". Even Turkey has never had such a thought.

In connection with this several questions rise. Firstly: do they really believe in what they write and speak? Secondly: Are they in sound mind? And finally: can we really suppose that there is someone in the entire world who takes the Azeri thoughts seriously?

In an article published in one of the Baku newspapers, it was written that "the Armenians do not deny our words, because we are right." The Armenians do not deny it, because one won't have enough time for it. So we have no time to disprove allegations. And the fact that Armenia has never adopted someone else's history does not need any proof either. Though, it will be no surprise to me if in near future there is an interview with a "leader of a Party X" in the very, which will say that when the Greek historian of 4th Century B.C. Strabon wrote about Armenian people he meant the Azeri people.

And the last statement of Atakhan is, that "The Azeri people are very unique nation in the meaning that during the different parts throughout its entire history and in different regions of its huge territory various religions, among which all the monotheistic religions existed. And even if it is so, that is to say, even if the Christianity is not alien to our nation, and if our nation realized this, who could then use the Christianity as a spiritual-moral factor as opposed to us? - No one." Here everything, starting with Semites and Hindus and ending with Vikings and Celts, must subside.
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