PanARMENIAN.Net - "There are dates in the history of each people, which have a uniting power and determine its fate for many decades and even centuries forward. Armenians - no matter where they live: in Armenia, Artsakh, Russia, US, France, Lebanon and other parts of the planet - have a common tragic date. It is the commemoration day of the victims of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire. Each year in all Armenian families spread around the world candles are lighted to commemorate the innocent victims," President of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic Arkady Ghukassian stated at the Ultimate Crime, Ultimate Challenge: Human Rights and Genocide international conference in Yerevan. His statement noted, "People, who know the history of our people, will never ask the question why so many Armenians live outside their historical fatherland. The history has answered that question long ago - 90 and more years ago. However, unfortunately the state, which has perpetrated the first monstrous genocide in the 21-st century and is now stating it abides by European and common human values has not confessed for the crime. Moreover, it makes cynical attempts to incline other countries to withdraw the issue of recognition of the Armenian Genocide from the agenda. All those states, which have recognized the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire at any level, inevitably encountered official Ankara response. Thus they had an opportunity to make sure in practice which values the Turkish society is dominated by. These are the way that all countries, who have fulfilled their human duty, automatically become part of the range of evil-wishers of the Turkish people. The hysterics, explicit blackmail, threats to break relations - these represent the incomplete list of tools for political pressure upon those, who have acknowledged or are going to acknowledge the Armenian Genocide. Unfortunately, Ankara efforts in this respect often do have the outcomes it desires. The position of politicians, including Western ones, who state as if the UN Genocide Convention 1948 does not have an retroactive effect and cannot be applied to the tragic events in Western Armenia 90 years ago, aiming to prevent worsening of relations with contemporary Turkey, is cynical. Such a stand is an example of political hypocrisy, however it forms ground for new such crimes, by the way, often by the same state, which has already committed the genocide once."

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