PanARMENIAN.Net - "How can the blockade of Turkey of the transport communications leading to Armenia be explained if not by impunity of the perpetration of the Armenian Genocide? However the circumstance that the same state, which still ignores the urge of the civilized world to immediately end the blockade of Armenia and establish diplomatic relations with it, still claims mediator role in the Nagorno Karabakh settlement is the most surprising, not feeling embarrassed in supporting the position of solely the Azeri party," Nagorno Karabakh Republic President Arkady Ghukasian stated at the Ultimate Crime, Ultimate Challenge: Human Rights and Genocide international conference. The NKR President statement notes: "Such a peculiar understanding of the mediator mission by Turkey directly issues from its attitude to the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. And is not it the same circumstance that makes the Azeri leaders give Turkey a special role in the solution of the Karabakh problem? And what if not a permanent genocide policy should the Azeri leadership attitude to the Armenian population of the republic be considered from the day of its founding? An obvious confirmation of it is the history of the former Nagorno Karabakh Autonomous District. Within the years of existence of the NKAD the Baku authorities worked for a prompt change of the demographic situation in the district in favor of the Azeri population aiming at further abolition of the Armenian autonomy. To fulfill this task the Azeri leaders used such mechanisms as outrageous social, economic and cultural discrimination of the Armenian population, falsification of the history of the Armenian people, ban for any economic and cultural ties of Nagorno Karabakh with Armenia, destroying of Armenian cultural monuments, churches, forming an image of Armenians in the Azeri society as if they were historical and irreconcilable enemies of the Azeri and all other Turkic peoples. Azeri leaders pursued just the same policy towards the once Armenian majority of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic, which resulted in virtually no single Armenian remaining there in the middle of the past century. I think that we should properly present the grievous fate of the Armenians in Nakhichevan to the international community as an obvious example of what would happen in Nagorno Karabakh if it further remained part of Azerbaijan. All the aforementioned mechanisms of discrimination policy by Baku authorities formed favorable conditions for the future perpetration of the next bloody genocide of the Armenians - this time in Azerbaijan, whose political forces do not conceal they consider the "Armenian" policy of the Ottoman and contemporary Turkey an exemplary one. Baku authorities proved to be worthy students of their teachers. The slaughter based on the ethnic criteria and the forced eviction of the Armenian population from the places of their permanent residence in Sumgait, Baku, Kirovabad, the regions of Shamkhor, Khanlar, Shemakhin and others in Azerbaijan, the unprecedented siege of the NKR, daily artillery bombardment of Stepanakert to annihilate its peaceful population, the butchering of women, the old and children in Maraga Armenian village, just as the continuing blockade of Nagorno Karabakh and other glaring crimes of the Baku authorities against Armenians fully fit the international definition of the genocide."
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