24  08.10.18 - Mayrig restaurant of Mediterranean Armenian cuisine opens in Yerevan

Mayrig restaurant of Armenian cuisine opens in Yerevan

Mayrig restaurant of Armenian cuisine opens in Yerevan

PanARMENIAN.Net - The grand opening of Mayrig restaurant took on October 5 in Yerevan to celebrate the richness of the Armenian cuisine with special food and music.

15 years ago, Mayrig opened in Beirut as the first Mediterranean Armenian restaurant and soon grew to become the reference and guardian of the Armenian culinary heritage of the Diaspora. Since then, Mayrig has introduced the Armenian cuisine in Dubai, Riyadh and the Maldives.

Mayrig’s kitchen offers an ever new array of Armenian delicacies. Its dishes are characterized by a play of contrasts in texture, flavors and colors, combining Mediterranean freshness with the rich flavors of silk road spices.

For Aline Kamakian, the owner and founder of Mayrig, opening in Armenia has a very special meaning; it is a tribute to the Armenian history and people.

"Our lands have always been important havens for merchants traveling on the silk roads between East and West. This has given us our big variety in spices and aromas. Our lands have been conquered by the Mongols who brought the dumplings with them. Then came the Seljuks with the bastirma. Our history is a long one, a tough one too, but here we stand and celebrate the immense richness that history brought us. A history that can be written only when looking at our food," Kamakian says.

According to her, it was her father’s dream to open a small restaurant and share the Armenian food.

"When I opened Mayrig in Beirut, I thought I had reached my goal. But then I realized that I had taken on a much bigger responsibility: to show the world the wealth of our culture and tell our story through our food," Kamakian says.

"Mayrig’s food is based on the recipes I inherited from my ancestors. It combines the tastiest and juiciest fruits and vegetables from this region with Mediterranean herbs and olive oil. It celebrates the flavors of the silk road and creates a feast of contrasts."

Mayrig brings an enriching addition to the growing culinary scene in Yerevan. Its menu offers a generous variety of traditional Armenian dishes and serves a wide array of cold and hot mezze, juicy salads, delicious slow-cooked stews, a big variety of juicy and tender meat from the grill and mouthwatering desserts.

The restaurant is located right in the heart of Yerevan on Amiryan 4/6.

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