David thinks Kate Beckinsale to be one of the most beautiful actresses. Edgar likes films with Monica Bellucci.

Edgar Manucharyan and David Manoyan::

David thinks Kate Beckinsale to be one of the most beautiful actresses. Edgar likes films with Monica Bellucci.

PanARMENIAN.Net - After the Armenia-Russia EURO 2012 qualifier, PanARMENIAN.Net met with some members of the Armenian team to continue the series of interviews. Below are answers of forward Edgar Manucharyan and midfielder David Manoyan, who described their emotions in the match vs. Russia, as well as commented on importance of compulsory vehicle insurance, their favorite films, etc.
Our team rivaled Ireland and Russia in the first and last EURO 2012 qualifiers respectively. What can you tell about these matches?

David: The match vs. Ireland was the starting one. The Irish were troublesome rivals for us. It is easier for our team to compete with Slovaks, who prefer to play an attacking football like us. As for Russia, the match was very tense. Besides, there was a great excitement around it, which, in my opinion, was extreme.

Edgar: In the first match vs. Ireland we did not think we can play a good and victorious football. However, we did our best. Since that, we have observed progress in all our matches. As for the tie with Russia, it was an important one for us, since any gained point provides us with the opportunity to improve our position in the group. In my opinion, the draw was a good result.

Do you remember your debut as a part of the Armenian national team? Which one of the team mates helped you most?
David: My first game as a part of the team was a Cyprus-hosted friendly against Latvia, with the game ending 0-0. For several sportsmen, Arsen Balabekyan, Sargis Karapetyan and Artak Dashyan, this was the first game as well. Yet we felt no strain at all and showed a good game.

Edgar: If I'm not mistaken, my debut in the national team was in 2003. I was 17 at the time. I, sure, was worried, yet managed to overcome my excitement.

Many believe being a sportsman is an easy job, with all the admiration and attention lavished on you. What's the reality behind this picture, are there any sacrifices involved?
David: Sure, sportsman have a hard life, but, at the same time, it's a pleasant one. To succeed, you must sacrifice your time with friends and family and be moderate in food and alcoholic beverages.

Edgar: There are both positive and negative aspects to a life of a football player. While on positive side, by working hard you're sure to succeed, on negative side, you're not immune to injuries. But a football player must stay strong in the face of difficulties.

Describe a day of a footballer. How does it start?
David: All depends on habits. I try to go to bed and rise early. I always have breakfast, think of my ration, train and have a rest. When I have free time I meet with my friends and try to relax.

Edgar: My day starts with training. I try to correct my mistakes and improve my skills. Sometimes, I just have a rest.

Who of your family members gives you advice or criticizes you?

David: My best critic is my father. Now, he is joined by my younger brother, who says I do not use my whole potential.

Edgar: My mother gives advice, father criticizes.

You have been to many countries. How does Armenia differ from the other states?
David: In Armenia, people like interfering on others' lives. This is the main difference, I think...

Edgar:Hospitality. People think different way abroad. I have leaved in Europe for 6 years but my views haven't changed.

Which are your favorite dishes?
David: I like lasagna. But I eat anything I'm served

Edgar:I prefer Armenian and Asian cuisine.

Who is your favourite actress?
David: I like Kate Beckinsale. She is one of the most beautiful actresses to me.

Edgar:I like films with Monica Bellucci

What do you think about the compulsory car insurance in Armenia?
David: I'm positive about it. There will be no disgusting quarrels after incidents.

Edgar:It's the right law, which operates in all countries.

And the last question. How do you assess our team's chances for the UEFA EURO 2012?
David: People witnessed that our teams can play well and show good results. We will not be able to justify a defeat.

Edgar:Many think that impossible to break through to the finals but I think it's real. If Latvia played in the European Championship, so why can't we do the same?

Gohar Nalbandyan, Hasmik Babayan / PanARMENIAN News