Annually Azeri Criminal Groupings in Russia Assign $50 Million for Murders of Armenians

PanARMENIAN.Net - "Annually Azeri criminal groupings assign $50 million for the organization of murders of Armenians," Russia FM's Advisor for Nationalities in 1999-2001 Vsevolod Maryan stated during round-table discussions dedicated to the crimes committed in Russia through national hatred. In his words, the situation should be given a straightforward account. "The reports of press are a tiny part of what's really going on. At least 3000 Armenians were killed in Russia during recent ten years," Maryan said.

In his opinion, the crimes through national hatred originate from the collapse of the USSR. But if at that times they were spontaneous, now "they are organized by a ruling grouping, not only Russian but the Azeri one as well." "Anyone, rich or poor, can fall victim to nationalist policy in Russia. It will concern not the "persons of Caucasian nationality", as Yuri Lujkov (the Mayor of Moscow) called them, but Armenians," Vsevolod Maryan considers.

He motivates it by the fact that "while Armenian honestly earn money Azeris establish contacts with powerful structures in Russia". That is why the killed Caucasians turn out to be Armenians. "Armenians are deliberately killed in Russia in order to drive the last nail into the coffin in the South Caucasus," Vsevolod Maryan resumed, reported IA Regnum.
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