U.S. prepares Azerbaijan for war?

PanARMENIAN.Net - U.S. commanders held staff trainings aimed at preparation for possible military operations on the territory of Azerbaijan. Future Combat System network, which totally costs $200 million, realizes simulation in various conditions of army vehicles and military technologies of new generation. With the help of computers American specialists work out hypothetical military operations taking into account the geographic and climate conditions of Azerbaijan.

According to 'Danger Room' blog, many scenarios suppose attack of Baku, but they do not suppose invasion of American troops into Azerbaijan; the matter concerns quite another development of events.

In 2003 Clyde Wilson, an analyst from the Illinois Institute of Technology Research and consultant for "Fighting Systems of Future, published an article in 'Armor' military magazine. In the article he indicates that the Caspian Sea region may potentially turn into a dangerous region. Wilson worked as a consultant in preparing a simulative military operation under "War in Azerbaijan" conditional name. In his opinion, the situation of the Korean War is possible here.

In 2004 American and British commanders held "Hotspur 2004" staff trainings, where also the "Caspian scenario" was used. It is supposed that the matter concerned the preparation of a possible conflict with Iran, which borders Azerbaijan and has similar geographical and climate conditions.

Earlier American commanders had conducted staff trainings on territories, where hypothetically they will have to carry out military actions. Thus, for example, they "fought" on the Korean peninsula and the Balkans, APA reports.
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