Armenia lacks possibility to weaken Georgia's anti-Armenian position

PanARMENIAN.Net - Armenia could play a more important role in the region, irrelative of the NKR issue or blockade imposed by Turkey, chairman of Mitq analytical center, historian Eduard Abrahamyan said in an interview with PanARMENIAN.Net

The role of our state is badly demanded over the lack of flexibility in the foreign policy, according to him.

"Armenia proves unable to suppress the growing anti-Armenian moods in Georgia. But as a matter of fact, our republic could be an unofficial guarantor of sustainable development of Armenian-inhabited Samtskhe Javakheti and strengthen Armenian economic and political influence on Ajaria via promoting political and territorial autonomization of Samtskhe Javakheti. It would force Georgia to consider Yerevan's opinion. Ajaria and Samtskhe Javakheti make the outlet toward to the Black Sea which is the solution to the problem of blockade," he said.

"Let's look how Baku pursues its policy in Kvemo Kartli, where plants and enterprises are established with the Azerbaijani capital. Furthermore, political consolidation of Azeri population in Georgia has started with formation of regional political bodies like the Azeri national assembly and the Party of Azerbaijanis of Georgia," the expert emphasized.

"To avoid a calamity, the new leadership of Armenia should prevent Georgian assimilation and outflow of Armenians from Samtskhe Javakheti via direct investments in its economy and its transformation into a political entity," he resumed.

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