Medvedev has Karabakh resolution scheme

PanARMENIAN.Net - Russia has a plan for resolution of the Nagorno Karabakh conflict which envisages deployment of Russian peacekeepers and return of civilians who suffered from the ethnic cleansing, a Russian expert said.

"It's important to understand that borders we are speaking about are mere conventions which were hastily recognized as dogmas of the international law, without any historical reason and ethnic factors. All this caused a number of problems, including that of Nagorno Karabakh," said Alexander Dugin, head of the center of geopolitical expertise, leader of the international Eurasian movement.

Re-annexation of Karabakh to Azerbaijan is unreal, according to him.

"True, this territory was under Azerbaijan's control but it was inhabited by Armenians from time immemorial. Presently, Armenians have a certain stand on determination of the land's status. But the most important goal should be to remove the U.S. from the process, as completely destructive, mentally retarded and immoral force which not only aggravates any situation but also incites new conflicts," Dugin said.

"We can't divide the world into "good and bad guys", like Americans do. Removal of the U.S. will considerably improve the situation," he said. "The European Union is responsible and it can be allowed into the process. So, the main task is to save the region from the U.S. ascendancy," Dugin concluded, reports.
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