If war starts, NKR Defense Army will not fight on its territory – it will fight wherever it is convenient and interesting for it

If war starts, NKR Defense Army will not fight on its territory – it will fight wherever it is convenient and interesting for it

PanARMENIAN.Net - NKR Defense Minister, Lieutenant General Movses Hakobyan said that currently the NKR Defense Army (DA) is in a state of war. Martial law is preserved on the contact line, as hostilities take place there, though at a smaller scale compared to the beginning of 90-s, Hakobyan said during a meeting with participants of the 5th Pan-Armenian Forum of Journalists and Mass Media in Stepanakert. According to him, the current situation is described in military manuals as a positional warfare.

Speaking about the NKR DA structure, he said that it is rather peculiar. “There is a similar army only in Israel and Artsakh. We continue strengthening our might, being not satisfied with the truce concluded in 1994, as it does not guarantee non-resumption of hostilities by one of the states. Today, there is a serious problem, as Azerbaijan rejects direct negotiations with Karabakh. One can say that there are not negotiations, as Artsakh does not participate in them,” a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter quoted Hakobyan as saying.

The Minister noted that if Azerbaijan thinks even for a moment that it can resolve the conflict through force, it will immediately unleash a war, irrespective of bans of the international community. “And we conceive it. The NKR DA controls the situation, which causes concern, but is not catastrophic,” said Hakobyan.

Speaking about the Azerbaijani Army, Movses Hakobyan noted that Azerbaijan started building it several years ago, but it is impossible to establish a normal army within such period. As for the number and material status, he noted that a big army and great number of equipment on small territories are not convenient always, adding that the NKR army’s material status is better.

“If a war starts, we will not fight on our territory, we will fight wherever it is convenient and interesting for the NKR DA,” stressed Hakobyan. He added that military units’ morale is very high. “Not a diversion will be left unpunished, we try to dictate conditions on the frontline. As for accidents in the army, they always happen. But we are resolute to improve the situation, while positive things considerably prevail negatives ones in the army,” concluded Hakobyan.

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