Information on Armenians’ mobilization seems to be provocation

Information on Armenians’ mobilization seems to be provocation

PanARMENIAN.Net - Vice President of the Union of Armenians of Russia (UAR) Levon Mukanyan said that information on the establishment of coordination centers to mobilize reservists and veterans among Armenians of Diaspora seems to be a provocation.

Neither the UAR, nor the Armenian Diaspora of Russia is aware of it, Mukanyan told a PanARMENIAN.Net reporter.

“Somebody wants to cross up both Armenia and Diaspora, while it is done from Moscow for some reason. In my opinion, it is false and absurd information,” noted Mukanyan.

According to information of REGNUM news agency, large businessmen of Armenian origin from four countries – Russia, France, the U.S. and France - have established coordination centers to mobilize reservists and veterans, who are planned to be airlifted to the Karabakh conflict zone via Iran’s territory in case of hostilities resumption.

An initiator of Preventive Mobilization program, Russian entrepreneur of Armenian origin told a reporter of the news agency on condition of anonymity that works are carried out as part of recently established Union of Armenian Reservists and Veterans international Armenian public movement. According to him, information is collected in a single database in three languages – Russian, English and Spanish. As a whole, according to calculations of activists of the mobilization movement, up to 200,000 Armenians from over 38 countries can participate in it. The source added that the “information-analytical backbone” of the Armenian Diaspora’s mobilization reserve has been composed from former and current employees of intelligence services of various leading countries of the world.

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