AAE: international community is no longer ready to bury fact of Genocide in oblivion

AAE: international community is no longer ready to bury fact of Genocide in oblivion

PanARMENIAN.Net - The Assembly of Armenians of Europe issued an appeal to the international community and public opinion on the occasion of the 96th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide.

''96 years have passed since the Genocide of the Armenian nation, and however, even today Armenia, the Armenian nation and each Armenian citizen living in various parts of the world suffer from the grave consequences of that monstrous crime committed by the Turkish statehood.

Today it is indisputable fact that international recognition of the Armenian Genocide has reached the focus of its development. Progressive mankind and world-wide public opinion proved by means of their decisive steps that they are no longer ready to bury in oblivion this crime committed against mankind.

There have been official declarations about it in the Parliaments of Greece, Lebanon, Uruguay, Cyprus, Argentina, Russian Federation, France, Senates of Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican, Nederland, Slovakia, Poland and Canada. In 1987 European Parliament adopted a resolution concerning the political settlement of the Armenian Question. It was mentioned in that resolution that the events taking place on the territory of Ottoman Empire are Genocide. During the last decades Jimmy Charter, Ronald Reagan, Presidents of the USA, have made calls for the recognition of the Armenian Genocide. Before being elected the President of the USA George Herbert Walker Bush, George Walker Bush and Barack Obama have directly spoken about the Armenian Genocide. Similar resolutions have already been adopted also by the legislative bodies of more than 40 states of the USA.

Development of this procedure shows that the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the international society is inevitable.

It is strange that in the second decade of the 21st century we still witness the reality that some state figures defending Turkey, acting as friends of the Armenian nation, advise not to struggle for the sake of the recognition of the Armenian Genocide motivating that such activity would arouse the old wounds, remind the terrible events of the past and hinder the establishment of friendly relations with the neighbours.

However, all conversations on the occasion of the defense of human rights would be false if that great crime committed against the Armenian nation would be over in silence for the sake of momentary political, economical and other interests, and the heirs of a whole nation’s executioners would be under any kind of patronage.

As far as the Armenian Genocide has not been recognized by some states and its consequences are not liquidated, such states should be reviewed as participants or partners of the crime. That is why that Turkey has logically absolutely opposite position towards the Armenian population of the Nagorno-Karabakh in difference to the issue of self-differentiation of Kashmir and in case of Cyprus it conducts policy opposite to the will of international community. Only repentance of the Turks and unanimous estimations of the international society and condemnation of the realized Genocide can serve as guarantee that Turkey will not again start the settlement of its political issues by means of genocide.

Only in that way Turkey can prove itself and the whole world that it is no more considered a criminal state.

A sign of not restarting criminal Turkish policy towards the Armenians can serve also the factor of Turkey’s refusing from military-political alliance with Azerbaijan and the policy of 15-year-lasting policy of blockade of Armenia.

If Turkey stretches hand to the Armenians, its hand can not be painted with the blood of the Armenian nation’s ancestors.

The recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the international society following France and Russia, and first of all by the USA, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and especially the Federal Republic of Germany is of great importance not only as a rightful and just approach to the Armenian nation but also for annihilation of crime towards the whole mankind.''

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