Artsakh treasure baits Azeris: Baku seeks to penetrate into Artsakh under guise of archaeologists

Artsakh treasure baits Azeris: Baku seeks to penetrate into Artsakh under guise of archaeologists

PanARMENIAN.Net - Archaeological finds dating back to 6th century B.C., which were discovered in Artsakh, seem to be baiting Azerbaijan.

In January, a burial place of two women, along with their golden and bronze decorations estimated at approx. USD 21,5 million, was discovered in Artsakh's Kashatagh region.

Right after the report, passions flared up in Azerbaijan. Baku, having decided the treasures belong to Azeri side, made up its mind to stop at nothing to take away the artefacts found.

Moreover, the Director of Archaeology and Ethnography institute of ANSA Maisa Rahimova came up with an absurd idea, stating that Azeri archaeologists intend to launch excavations on Artsakh territory. Hard to believe she meant it: given its military rhetoric against Artsakh, Azerbaijan cannot seriously hope to receive permission to excavate from Artsakh authorities. It's not difficult to see that the archaeological excavation will be used as a mere pretext to organize diversions and terrorist acts in Artsakh. Azerbaijan will use archaeological excavations as a cover for diversions it couldn't succeed in due to the agility of Artsakh servicemen.

Artsakh, in turn, reminded Azerbaijan about the Armenian cemetery in Jugha, completely obliterated by Azeri soldiers. Azerbaijan was advised not to worry: Artsakh scientists are performing necessary archaeological excavations, proving time after time that Azeris have no historic, moral or legal relevance to Karabakh.

Marina Ananikyan / PanARMENIAN News
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