Armenia will "soon" unveil stance on Baku's participation in EAEU meeting
Under the EAEU regulations, Armenia should give consent for Azerbaijan to be able to join the meeting.
Armenia President: No peace is possible without fair Karabakh settlement
Armen Sarkissian stressed the importance of resuming the peace talks within the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmanship.
Third Pfizer dose "likely" needed within 12 months
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla also said annual vaccinations against the coronavirus may well be required.
Lebanese President invited to Armenian Genocide commemorations
Michel Aoun hosted Ambassador Vahagn Atabekyan to receive his Armenian counterpart Armen Sarkissian's invitation.
EU envoy suggests Armenia, Azerbaijan resume sharing reservoirs
Toivo Klaar said the Joghaz and its sister reservoir, the Abbasbayli, are good candidates for cooperation.
Karabakh rescue teams continue search for the missing
The State Service For Emergency Situations of Artsakh also said that the rescue worker injured in a mine explosion is in a stable condition.
New Zealand aims to create smoke-free generation
The plans include the gradual increase of the legal smoking age, which could extend to a ban on the sale of cigarettes.
Covid-19: Armenia infections grew by 961 in the past day
A total of 5870 tests have been performed in the past day, the National Center For Disease Control and Prevention said.
Philip Lynch: Asian development model could be applicable to Armenia
Lynch has weighed in on a number of issues, including the challenges and development prospects Armenia has.
Italian firms helped build Baku "trophy park" targeting Armenians
The newly inaugurated "park" contains some very abhorrent details, such as degrading and racist representations of Armenians.
Armenia, Russia to hold joint military drills in Russia
Details discussed at a meeting of the Armenian Defense Minister, Russian ambassador and the embassy's military attaché.
Russia Federation Council chief: Baku must release Armenian POWs
Speaker of the Federation Council of Russia Valentina Matviyenko thus reaffirmed Russia's stance on the matter.
Azerbaijanis destroy 18th century mosque in Karabakh
The 18th century mosque was destroyed during the construction of a road connecting Khudaferin, Kubatlu and Lachin.
Karabakh will never be subordinated to Azerbaijan, says Foreign Minister
Babayan said the international community should take active steps aimed at repatriating all Armenian prisoners of war.
Health Minister: Armenia has 600 cases of Covid-19 re-infection
According to peer-reviewed research, only a small proportion of people (0.65%) return a positive PCR test twice.
Switzerland approves $4.9M Armenia "Living Landscapes" project
Armenia’s mountain ecosystem is an important productive source for rural communities, a press release said.
Azeris take their kids to play with helmets of fallen Armenian soldiers
According to reports, entrance to the "museum" in Baku is free for children under the age of 6.
Kanye's $1M Yeezy's could become the world's most expensive sneakers
Put on the market by sneaker collector Ryan Cheng, the prototype Yeezys come in a size 12, West's shoe size.
Armenia building its first sanitary landfill in Kotayk
EU Ambassador to Armenia Andrea Wiktorin attended the event to mark the launch of the construction of the landfill.
Denver Post Armenian Genocide issue found during house renovation
Though Tankian did say that the friend was not Armenian, he did not disclose the location of the house․
Biden says all U.S., Nato troops will leave Afghanistan by Sept. 11
Biden said 2,500 U.S. troops plus a further 7,000 from “Nato allies” would gradually leave the country starting on May 1.
Armenia coronavirus infections, death toll continue to rise
A total of 4950 tests have been performed in the past day, the National Center For Disease Control and Prevention said.
Lukashenko: Aliyev made financial proposal to Armenia through me
According to him, Aliyev has proposed to restore Karabakh and "raise Armenia" if Yerevan agreed to peacefully settle the conflict.
De Waal weighs in on "damage" from Baku park with dummies of Armenians
The authors said earlier they deliberately gave the dummies "hooked noses, flat heads and other features."
Armenia says its Covid-19 death rate is lower than global average
Anahit Avanesyan noted that the Covid-19 fatality rate in Armenia is lower than the global average of 2%.
Armenia to receive 1 million doses of Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine
According to Avanesyan, the country might be able to vaccinate 20% of the population by the end of the year.
Pashinyan: Turks are our enemies, but what should we do with that enmity?
According to him, that hostility must be dealt with very carefully because it is not a one-sided issue.
Azeri troops return one body to Karabakh
The body was recovered from the region of Hadrut, which came under Baku's control during the 44-day war in fall 2020.
Ameriabank launches placement of bond issues for $20m and AMD 5b
Ameriabank is one of the market leaders by number and volume of issued bonds, the bank revealed.
3621 Karabakh victims identified, 321 still missing, says Pashinyan
Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said the final number of deaths will reach around or a little more than 4000.
Inecobank becomes first partner bank of GEFF in Armenia second phase
During the second phase, Inecobank received $6m funds for financing green investment projects through its 26 branches.
"I feel sorry for you"։ Armenia PM cites poem to respond to Aliyev
Pashinyan said people should feel compassion for such people, rather than aggression and revenge.
MEP condemns Azerbaijan's new "park of barbarism”
Nikos Androulakis said Aliyev who “insults the memory of the Armenian soldiers” by establishing a park of “barbarism.”
Tbilisi exhibition commemorates Armenian Genocide
Pictures exhibited portrayed not only scenes from the Armenian Genocide, but also religious heritage sites in Karabakh
Mediators "proposed Armenia ditch Karabakh interim status agenda"
Pashinyan said there is something fundamental in the Karabakh process, which has been hidden from the public for a long time.
PM insists Armenia should switch to professional army
According to him, it is necessary to distinguish between the contractual and professional principles of serving in the army.
Pashinyan touts Karabakh "secession for salvation" in future talks
The Armenian PM said "secession for salvation" principle for Karabakh should be in the core of the future negotiation process.
Official: Why not for Armenians to return to Nakhijevan and Ganja?
Artak Beglaryan said Azerbaijan and personally Aliyev does everything to humiliate Armenians and deepen Armenophobia.
Covid-19: Armenia infections grew by 1075 in the past day
A total of 5869 tests have been performed in the past day, the National Center For Disease Control and Prevention said.
Clock stopped after Japan tsunami starts ticking 10 years later
The clock appears to have been shaken back into action by the force of February’s earthquake.
OSCE envoys urge Karabakh sides to resume dialogue, return POWs
The mediators a final comprehensive and sustainable settlement should be achieved in Nagorno-Karabakh.
Azerbaijan's brutal beheadings and torture of Armenians
A non-exhaustive summary of war crimes
Dozens of graphic videos depicting Azerbaijani servicemen cutting off the heads of and murdering elderly Armenian men and prisoners of war started circulating online beginning from the final days of the six-week war unleashed by Baku against Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). And regardless of what the Azerbaijani President has to say about his troops “showing the highest human qualities” and being “decent” in general, hundreds of videos tell a different story, a story of murder, humiliation, marauding and a complete lack of empathy.
Russia, Iran discuss Karabakh diplomatic settlement
Russian and Iranian Foreign Ministers also weighed in on the role of the countries of the region in that process.
Yerevan: Azerbaijan seeks to degrade memory of war victims, the missing
Azerbaijan has opened a "military trophy park" where wax figures of what they claim to be Armenian soldiers are also on display.
"Why not": Aliyev raises "return-to-Yerevan" theory again
While Aliyev claimed his statements don't mean Azerbaijan has territorial claims against Armenia, he did say "we'll return there, why not?"
Azerbaijani President urged to decide which of his lies is more "true"
Sargsyan said in a statement his government had demanded the determination of a status for Karabakh outside Azerbaijan.
Armenia–Iran defense cooperation discussed in Yerevan
The Chief of the Armenian Army General Staff hosted the Iranian ambassador and the embassy's military attaché in Yerevan.
Aliyev says "certain issues" still require solution in Karabakh
Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has said there are "certain issues" in the settlement of the Karabakh conflict after the war.
Armenian Olympian involved in fatal road accident in Yerevan
The driver did not flee the scene, but called an ambulance instead and helped the paramedics to transport the victim to a hospital.
Armenia reports 726 new coronavirus cases, 824 recoveries
A total of 3427 tests have been performed in the past day, the National Center For Disease Control and Prevention said.