Doctors in Karabakh save the life of French journalist
Allan Kaval from Le Monde was in a critical condition before undergoing surgery in Stepanakert.
12 Armenian civilians killed since the beginning of Azeri offensive
In Armenia, one resident of the town of Vardenis was killed in Azerbaijan's fire from across the border.
Armenia recalls Israel ambassador for consultations
Anna Naghdalyan said Israel's shipment of state-of-the-art weapons to Azerbaijan is unacceptable.
Pentagon official: Reports of Turkey to Azerbaijan militant movements are verified
The Pentagon official described the flare-up in Karabakh a "small war with major repercussions."
Moscow says aware of Syrian militants' transfer to Karabakh
The official representative of the Foreign Ministry said the information they have is more than media reports.
Azerbaijan fires TOS-1A systems from inside a village
The Artsakh Infocenter has identified the exact location of the Azerbaijani military equipment
Azerbaijan shells highway in Armenia
The Azeri troops first opened fire on the town of Vardenis on September 29, shelling positions and settlements alike.
Karabakh escalation: Iran says 6-year-old child injured in rocket fire
The location suggests that the rocket must have been fired from Azerbaijani positions, the infocenter added.
Young Karabakh resident accompanying French reporters killed
Heavy Azerbaijani shelling left two French journalists and several others from Armenia injured.
Pashinyan says Turkey seeks to continue the Armenian Genocide
Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has said that Turkey has returned to the South Caucasus to continue the Armenian Genocide.
Macron: Turkey sending militants to Karabakh front
France has obtained "accurate information" that Syrian militants from Turkey are taking part in Karabakh hostilities.
Turkey: U.S., Russia, France ceasefire effort for Karabakh "unacceptable"
As his speech was ending, these three countries issued a statement demanding an immediate ceasefire in Karabakh.
France, Russia, U.S. urge Pashinyan, Aliyev to commit to resuming talks
The three Presidents called for an immediate cessation of hostilities between the relevant military forces.
French journalist injured in Azerbaijan's fire in critical condition
Journalist Allan Kaval is currently undergoing surgery at the Stepanakert Medical Centre.
Azeri troops open fire on vehicle carrying AFP reporters in Karabakh
The Armenian infocenter has also published images of the car, with the windows shattered or cracked.
Azeri shelling leaves Armenian journalist wounded in the back
Vardumyan was among the group journalists who came under Azerbaijan's shelling of civilian settlements.
Stavridis: NATO intelligence showed Armenians would defeat Azerbaijanis in serious conflict
U.S. Navy admiral and former supreme allied commander of NATO James Stavridis has penned an article.
Karabakh shoots down three Azeri planes, two more helicopters
The Armenian troops had earlier shot down another Azerbaijani helicopter which had fallen on Iranian soil.
Armenia TV cameraman injured in Azerbaijan's fire on Martuni
The five-strong crew of Civilnet, another Armenian media outlet, came under Azerbaijan's fire on Martuni as well.
Russian TV editor, int'l journalists come under Azerbaijani fire
According to information provided by Dozhd, the journalist is safe and has now been taken to a shelter.
Two Le Monde journalists injured in Azerbaijan's bombing of Karabakh
Other journalists too have been working in the same area, the government said without elaborating.
EU leaders to discuss Karabakh escalation
The recent flare-up of fighting in Karabakh region will also colour the discussion of Turkey.
Thousands of Armenians demonstrate outside Azerbaijan Consulate in LA
The Los Angeles metropolitan area has the largest population of Armenians in the world outside of Armenia.
Armenia: Former military official charged with spying for Azerbaijan
The person tried to keep his identity and phone numbers of the intelligence services as secret as possible.
Canada probing claims its tech being used by Azerbaijan against Armenians
A Canadian-made sensor is said to be used in Turkish-manufactured drones that are deployed in the conflict.
Azerbaijani helicopter destroyed by Karabakh falls on Iranian soil
The Karabakh Ministry of Defense declared that the aircraft's falling on Iran's soil was not intentional.
Iran says won't allow deployment of terrorists outside its northern borders
The comments came amid multiple media reports concerning the transfer of Syrian fighters to Azerbaijan.
Armenia reports 491 new coronavirus cases, 218 recoveries
A total of 4134 tests have been performed in the past day, the National Center For Disease Control said.
Pashinyan: Armenian diplomacy has scored major victory
Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan said on October 1 that the Armenian diplomacy has scored a major victory.
Macron, Putin discuss Karabakh escalation over the phone
The Russian and French Presidents have called for an immediate ceasefire in Nagorno-Karabakh․
BBC Arabic: Syrian fighter reveals details from deployment to Azerbaijan
In a story published on September 30, BBC Arabic unveils the story of Abdullah (the name is changed).
Lavrov invites Armenian, Azerbaijani Foreign Ministers to Moscow
Lavrov has discussed with the Armenian and Azerbaijani Foreign Ministers the situation in the Karabakh conflict zone.
Russia calls for withdrawal of terrorists, fighters from Karabakh conflict zone
The statement comes amid multiple media reports concerning the transfer of foreign fighters to Azerbaijan.
Karabakh reports 23 more deaths, raising the toll to 58
Since September 27 morning, 103 Armenian soldiers, including at least two volunteers, have been killed.
Azerbaijan hands air command of Karabakh offensive over to Turkey
Shushan Stepanyan pledged to unveil materials of live monitoring and recording systems soon.
Military cargo aircraft flying from Azerbaijan to Israel and back
The heavy military transport plane landed at the Ovda airport, and a few hours later flew back to Baku (flight ZP4612).
Armenia shows footage of takeover of Azerbaijani position for the first time
A video published by Armenia shows Azerbaijani soldiers fleeing after the strike of the Armenian forces.
Armenia refutes Azerbaijani clams of using Tochka-U missile system
Defense Ministry spokeswoman Shushan Stepanyan described the accusation as "an obvious lie".
Karabakh: Turkey can't be considered an OSCE Minsk Group member
Turkey can't be considered a member of the OSCE Minsk Group after interfering in hostilities, Karabakh says.
Azerbaijani army filmed firing TOS-1A systems from inside villages
The Armenian side has repeatedly published evidence proving that Azerbaijan deploys its artillery positions in villages.
Pashinyan briefs Rouhani on Turkey's involvement in Karabakh conflict
The leader of the Islamic Republic expressed concern over the flare-up between Iran’s two neighboring states.
Russia "doesn't approve of Turkey's declaration of support for Azerbaijan"
Peskov said that Moscow does not approve of Turkey's statements about political support for Azerbaijan.
Azerbaijan bombs Karabakh town leaving three civilians dead
Since the beginning of hostilities, eight civilians – seven in Karabakh and one in Armenia – have been killed.
Armenian PM's son set be deployed to Karabakh frontline
After Azerbaijan unleashed the offensive, Karabakh and Armenia introduced martial law and total mobilization.
Armenia Catholicos urges donations amid Karabakh violence
The fundraiser will help overcome the consequences of Azerbaijan's aggression against Karabakh.
Armenia-Russia-Azerbaijan summit not possible now, says Pashinyan
Nikol Pashinyan said Armenia has always been ready for a peaceful settlement of the Karabakh conflict.
Karabakh troops destroy Azerbaijan's TOS-1A rocket launcher
A Defense Ministry spokesperson said fighting along the Karabakh (Artsakh) line of contact is continuing.
Macron slams Turkey's "warlike" rhetoric on Karabakh
Macron has said he will discuss the matter with Russian and U.S. Presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald trump.
Turkey occasionally violating Armenian airspace, Foreign Ministry says
The Turkish air force had arrived in Azerbaijan for joint large-scale military drills held from July 29 to August 13.
Libyan plane lands in Azerbaijan after direct flight
It was reported earlier that Turkey is deploying fighters from the Middle East and other countries to Azerbaijan.