PACE to assess humanitarian consequences of war in Armenia
He will hold meetings with parliamentarians, including the President of the parliament, and with representatives of different ministries.
EU, Azerbaijan discuss Karabakh assistance, bilateral ties
The sides have also discussed post-Covid economic recovery and the potential of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline project.
Armenia: Azerbaijanis' supply routes, attempts to get help blocked
Though the borders are relatively calm, the situation is unchanged as of May 18, the Armenian side said.
Gurgen Khachatryan: Telecom and the future in Armenia
Telecom is among strategic infrastructures to have an operator with Armenian capital and an Armenian agenda.
Erdogan curses Austria for expressing solidarity with Israel
Erdogan said Austria should be “cursed” after its government flew an Israeli flag from its chancellery in support of the Jewish state.
Moscow ready to help Yerevan, Baku settle borders if both sides want it
If such a request is made both by Azerbaijan and Armenia, Russia said it will be ready to provide the assistance it can.
Armenia reports daily Covid-19 cases of 212
A total of 3771 tests have been performed in the past day, the National Center For Disease Control and Prevention said.
Armenia, Azerbaijan voice need for border demarcation
Secretary of the Security Council Armen Grigoryan said it is in the best interests of Armenia to have delimited borders.
Shushi Armenian cemetery partially destroyed by Azerbaijanis
A portion of the grounds on the west side of a road leading into the city was leveled in the construction of a building complex.
Armenia: U.S. says Azerbaijan must withdraw from Syunik
The White House National Security Adviser expressed concern over the Armenian captives still being held in Azerbaijan.
Second batch of 50,000 AstraZeneca shots arrives in Armenia
The Ministry of Health of Armenia received the second batch of Covid-19 vaccine doses through the COVAX Facility.
Karabakh: EU allocates additional €10M to support those affected
The aid includes some very early recovery to help civilians affected by the recent conflict in and around Karabakh.
Armenia: Border situation could create unpredictable consequences
The Armenian defense chief noted that the Azerbaijani troops are under the control of the Armenian army.
Lavrov: Russia ready to help Armenia, Azerbaijan demarcate borders
Lavrov added that Russia sees no reason to "whip up emotions" because of the situation on the border between the two countries.
Iran Majlis panel chairman: Change of border with Armenia unacceptable
Mojtaba Zonnour spoke in favor of Armenia's territorial integrity and the preservation of the border between the the two countries.
Kremlin: Moscow maintains constant communication with Yerevan, Baku
Peskov said Russian President Vladimir Putin believes there is no alternative to the implementation of trilateral agreements.
Armenia: Over 19,000 Covid vaccine doses administered within a month
Foreigners currently residing in Armenia too can receive the shots free of charge.
Spanish Senator: Offensive against Armenians must end
Spain is following with concern the entry of the Azerbaijani armed forces into the territory of Armenia, the Senator said.
Armenia expects Iran's assistance in ending Azerbaijan's incursion
Toumanian provided details from the province of Syunik where a group of Azerbaijani troops are still stationed.
Top Armenian diplomat to participate in key CSTO meeting on May 19
Armenia's acting PM has said the country is building up procedures under the Collective Security Treaty.
Armenia will never discuss provision of "corridor" to Azerbaijan: Pashinyan
Pashinyan said some political circles in Armenia are disseminating an Azerbaijani thesis about "Zangezur corridor".
Pashinyan: Azeri aggression growing on Armenia's borders
Armenia earlier asked for help from the Collective Security Treaty Organization, of which it is a member.
Armenia reports 10 Covid-19 deaths in the past day
A total of 2377 tests have been performed in the past day, the National Center For Disease Control and Prevention said.
Blinken, Le Drian discuss Karabakh over the phone
Le Drian earlier weighed in on Azerbaijan's encroachment on the Armenian soil in phone talks with his Armenian and Azeri counterparts.
Armenia says appreciates France's stance on Azerbaijan's incursion
Top Armenian and French diplomats also discussed the role of the OSCE Minsk Group co-chairmanship in the Karabakh conflict.
Several injured as Georgians, Azerbaijanis clash in Dmanisi
According to surveillance footage published online, about three dozen people took part in the scuffle.
Armenia determined to ensure its territorial integrity – Foreign Ministry
The Foreign Ministry of Armenia said it is hopeful that the Azerbaijani side will not further escalate the situation.
Blinken urged to pressure Azerbaijan to withdraw troops from Armenia
Congresswoman Jackie Speier said Azerbaijan’s actions are an invasion of Armenian territory and threaten regional stability.
Russia to provide $3.2m to Armenia for post-conflict reconstruction
According to a document, funds in the amount of up to $3.2 million will be transferred to the UN Development Program.
Ombudsman: Azeri troops' presence disrupts lives of Armenian citizens
The Ombudsman's office is planning to summarize its fact-finding activities and send them to international organizations.
Iran calls for restraint amid Armenia-Azerbaijan border crisis
Iran expressed hope that the dispute would be settled as soon as possible with the two sides' prudence.
Gaza staggers under shortages as Israel steps up attacks
Before the current crisis, Gazans already lived in what one United Nations human rights official called a “toxic slum”.
Sabine Gaber weighs in on OeEB’s partnership with Ameriabank
Gaber said Ameriabank is an experienced partner with a good knowledge and experience in many fields of financial market.
Armenia reports daily Covid-19 cases of 282
A total of 3178 tests have been performed in the past day, the National Center For Disease Control and Prevention said.
Armenia: Situation in Syunik not resolved yet
The Army General Staff said earlier that the Armenian Armed Forces maintain full control over the situation.
Canada concerned by Azerbaijan's incursion into Armenia
Canada's Foreign Minister said all actions that would undermine the ceasefire and escalate tensions must be stopped.
Top army brass denies Armenian troops surrounded by Azeris
The Armenian army maintains control over the territory and the Azeri military there, and the supply routes, the General Stuff said.
U.S. says Azerbaijan's "provocative" advancement into Armenia should end
The U.S. said it expects Azerbaijan to pull back all forces immediately and cease further provocation.
Armenia says in control of situation amid Azerbaijan's encroachment
The Armenian defense chief said any encroachment on the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia is unacceptable.
Thomas de Waal: Armenia-Azerbaijan crisis closer to violence than to peace
According to the expert, the situation on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan looks worrying.
CSTO, Armenia foreign policy chiefs discuss border settlement steps
Aivazian told Zas that letters have been sent on behalf of the Acting Armenian PM to the CSTO chief and member states.
Armenia asks Tajikistan to activate CSTO emergency mechanisms
Nikol Pashinyan also addressed letters to all CSTO-member States to provide detailed information about the situation.
Kremlin: Pashinyan hasn't asked Putin for help
A Kremlin spokesperson said Purin shares the Armenian side's extreme concern about the situation on the border.
Armenian, Russian Security Council chiefs weigh in on border crisis
The parties exchanged views over the phone and discussed possible solutions to the problem.
Avinyan: Armenia must be ready for possible grave developments
The Acting Deputy PM of Armenia said negotiations are ongoing but no final results have been achieved so far.
Armenia opens criminal case over Azerbaijan's violation of border
According to Gor Abrahamyan, the Azeri troops are now favorably positioned atop one of the hills on the Armenian soil.
Georgia planning to purchase Israeli air defense systems
Georgia will also join the production of M4 rifles and work with Polish and South African companies to produce drones.
Three rockets launched at Israel from Lebanon, IDF says
Two sources close to Israel's arch-enemy Hezbollah said the Lebanese Shiite group had no link to the incident.
Top Armenian, Russian diplomats talk Azeri encroachments on Armenian soil
The Foreign Ministers also exchanged views on issues of maintaining regional security and stability.
Covid-19: Armenia infections grew by 230 in the past day
A total of 3361 tests have been performed in the past day, the National Center For Disease Control and Prevention said.