June 8, 2012 - 22:07 AMT
Baku says no need for full mobilization

There is no need for total mobilization in Azerbaijan, Azeri Presidential Administration Political Analysis and Information Department head said.

“Azerbaijani army is strong and there is no need for mobilization,” Trend quoted Elnur Aslanov as saying.

Meanwhile, international experts deem Armenian armed forces the most combat-ready in the region.

Azerbaijan, probably, possesses large number of kamikazes, with Azeri commanders continuing to orchestrate subversive acts against Armenia and Artsakh, and later trying to justify their soldiers’ deaths citing various absurd reasons.

Increased instances of Azeri ceasefire violation have been reported recently, with Azerbaijani side shelling border villages and conducting acts of sabotage on border with Armenia and Artsakh.

Sources say that 21-25 Azerbaijani soldiers were killed in Azeri subversive actions in recent days in Tavush- Ghazakh zone of Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

On June 5 night, attempt was made by Azerbaijani soldiers to infiltrate one of the positions of Artsakh defense army. Armenian side, however, managed to hinder Azeri attack, with NKR army units pushing Azeri forces back to the original positions.

Azerbaijani authorities try hard to concoct reasons behind the deaths and injuries on its side. In fact, these are saboteurs, killed or wounded by Armenian armed forces who were trying to hinder Azeri subversive acts. Thus, according to Azerbaijani authorities, Azeri soldiers commit mass suicide, get blown up by mine, and die in an accident.

For instance, today, June 6, Azerbaijani media reported that a soldier, 19, was “blown up by mine.” He was hospitalized, with doctors assessing his state as moderate.

Sometimes, even a concrete slab kills an Azerbaijani soldier. For instance, it was reported that two Azeri servicemen were killed in Agstafa region, with another having been “injured during collapse of concrete slab.”

Emin Guliyev and Orkhan Huseynov died, while Elnur Kechalov is still at hospital. Meanwhile, according to Miacum.am website, 21 Azerbaijani soldiers were killed in Azeri subversive acts in recent days in Tavush- Kazakh zone of Armenian-Azerbaijani border. Today, June 7, Azerbaijani media reported that another Azeri soldier Cabrayilov Ramil Dilavar drowned in Kur River.