April 24, 2015 - 14:51 AMT
Cyprus President calls to struggle against impunity

Armenia and Cyprus are victims of impunity, Cyprus President said.

As Nicos Anastasiades noted in his speech at the Genocide centennial commemoration event in Tsitsernakaberd, “everyone’s presence at the event aims to keep the memory of the Genocide victims alive. We have to struggle against the impunity.”

“It’s no surprise that Armenia and Cyprus are setting hopes for the international laws to protect their rights. Cyprus became a safe heaven for the Genocide victims, with their ancestors currently an important part of the Cyprus society. Our presence here is a message of solidarity and remembrance.”

He welcomed Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan’s statement calling to recognize the historic facts to pave way for normalization of ties with the neighboring country.

“The Armenian Genocide can never be forgotten, and we will solemnly continue to honor the memory of those who perished. It is the duty of the whole humanity. We remember and demand,” Armenian media said citing the Cyprus President.