December 9, 2015 - 13:57 AMT
Armenian soldier killed as Azerbaijan uses tank in ceasefire violations

Azerbaijan used a tank for the first time to shell Karabakh positions amid ongoing border tensions.

According to the Karabakh Defense Ministry, 180 ceasefire violations by Azerbaijani armed forces were registered on December 8-9, with over 1500 shots fired from various caliber artillery weapons, 60-, 82-, 120-mm mortars, RPG-7 and AGS-17 grenade launchers, as well as TR-107 rocket launchers.

On December 8, at around 9:10 pm, Karabakh soldier Gagik Avanesyan (aged 24) was lethally wounded by the rival's large-caliber sniper rifle.

In investigation into the details of the incident is underway.

Karabakh Defense Ministry vowed retaliation, pledging severe and irreversible consequences.

The condition of Karabakh Defense Army soldier Varazdat Khachatryan, who received a shrapnel wound on December 5, is deemed serious.