April 4, 2017 - 19:02 AMT
Elections: Armenia’s ORO demands comparative analysis of fingerprints

The Ohanyan-Raffi-Oskanian (ORO) bloc on Tuesday, April 4 demanded the Central Electoral Commission to provide a comparative analysis of all the fingerprints collected during the parliamentary elections on Sunday.

The alliance, in particular, wants the CEC to import all biometric data obtained during elections into a single database to find out whether there are any matching fingerprints.

In its appeal, the bloc cites doubts among the society concerning the around 61% voter turnout, adding that old passports have been used for voting more than once.

Only such analysis will enable the CEC to confirm or refute what ORO described as double voting allegations during the parliamentary elections on Sunday.

Based on results calculated in all the 2009 polling stations, the Republican party leads with 49.12% of votes (771 247 ballots), followed by the Tsarukyan bloc with 27.32% (428 965), YELQ with 7.77% (122 049) and the ARF Dashnaktsutyun with 6.57% (103 173). Voter turnout stood at 60.86% on Sunday.

ORO, together with four other political forces did not make it to the National Assembly.