October 25, 2017 - 16:12 AMT
Shukah in Australia 'aims to reveal beauty of Armenian culture'

When Aret Arzadian and his family opened Shukah in Windsor in May, their vision was to offer something new and exciting on Chapel St.

Shukah dishes up casual Armenian fare with a modern twist in Melbourne, Australia, The Herald Sun reports.

Azardian said the aim was to showcase the beauty of their culture.

“With Armenian culture, we love to eat a variety of food when we sit down,” he said.

“We like to share different things throughout the night and drink and celebrate life.

“What better way to celebrate than with food?”

The family behind Shukah — Aret, his brother Sasoon, and their cousin, chef Garen Maskal — have long been involved in the Melbourne culinary scene.

They’re the same group behind The Black Toro, a Hispanic restaurant in Glen Waverley, and Sezar, an Armenian restaurant in the CBD.

Shukah means ‘market’ in Armenian, and the decor has been carefully thought out to complement the name.

The colour scheme is light and bright, while the pumping, upbeat tunes create a fun, bubbly vibe.