May 22, 2018 - 17:24 AMT
Syrian opposition body accuses top rebel commander of fraud and theft

The Free Damascus Countryside Council, a Syrian opposition-affiliated body, accused the commander of Faylaq al-Rahman rebel group of stealing a huge amount of money before leaving the capital to Syria’s north as per an evacuation deal with the government, Al-Masdar News reports.

The Council issued an official statement alleging that "Abdul Nasser Shumair and his deputy Yasser al-Qadri refused to give back $255,000 dollars and 783 Syrian Pounds deposited earlier with them."

The two commanders, according to the statement, pledged to return the money after they complete the evacuation process to the country’s north. However, they kept the money for themselves, claiming they have spent it in buying food and various supplies for their fighters.

The Council said it will file a legal suit against the two commanders.

Faylaq al-Rahman, along with other rebel groups in East Ghouta region, surrendered to the Syrian army in the wake of a fierce offensive to secure the capital.