January 10, 2019 - 10:43 AMT
Syria intelligence chief allegedly visits Saudi Arabia

Syria’s top intelligence chief Ali Mamlouk allegedly traveled to Riyadh recently to meet and discuss several issues with his Saudi counterparts, Lebanon’s Al-Joumhouria publication reported on Wednesday.

According to the Al-Joumhouria report, Mamlouk’s visit was meant to open up new avenues between Saudi Arabia and Syria, while also repairing the rift that has paralyzed their diplomatic relations.

Citing an unnamed diplomatic source, Al-Jouhouria claims that Mamlouk’s visit took place shortly after both Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates announced the reopening of their diplomatic missions inside Syria.

The report said that Saudi Arabia is preparing to mend ties with Syria amid reports of the Arab League lifting Syria’s suspension.

Neither Saudi Arabia nor Syria has confirmed the allegations.

Mamlouk has made many secret trips to regional countries in the past, including a visit to Rome to meet with the Italian authorities last year.