February 21, 2019 - 11:28 AMT
Ameriabank receives EBRD award for Greenhouse Investment

Ameriabank has received the Agent of Change award by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for Investment in Greenhouse in Armenia.

Head of Corporate Lending Department at Ameriabank Vahan Kajayan said they have supported greenhouses engaged in growing flowers, tomatoes, strawberries.

“We have presence in almost all the provinces and work with some 10 greenhouses that occupy a combined area of more than 50 ha,” Kajayan said, adding that funds are directed not only to the support of existing greenhouses, but also to the creation of new ones.

According to him, an agreement on attracting $12.5 million for energy saving projects has recently been signed.

The Head of Corporate Lending Department said that the tendency of energy-saving technology development is observed in Armenia and throughout the world. technology development makes them accessible and exciting, especially for Armenia, which has no "not green" energy resources, he added.