June 27, 2019 - 14:40 AMT
Ameriabank, Naghashyan Solutions team up to promote online business

Ameriabank and Naghashyan Solutions have teamed up for a joint offer to benefit legal entities and individual entrepreneurs alike.

Businesses that are planning to open an online store, can get a ready-made design solution with a fast and simple integration of Ameriabank's vPOS (Virtual POS Terminal) payment instrument.

The e-commerce solution allows you to run an online store without much technical knowledge and to accept online payments with local and international cards such as Arca, Visa and MasterCard through the bank's vPOS payment instrument.

The e-commerce platform also offers pre-developed and dedicated design solutions for websites, including responsive design for different screens.

In order to open an online store, customers can apply online or visit any branch of Ameriabank.

Within Ameriabank's cooperation with Naghashyan Solutions, customers buying the service by December 31 and using the bank's vPOS tool will get:

- a Visa Business or MasterCard Business payment card without annual service fee,

- Ameria Online banking system for up to 2 users, without annual service fee.

Customers using the Bank's vPOS payment instrument will be able to get a credit line.

- on the basis of circulation of transactions made at least six months after the online store was launched,

- in the event of submitting of relevant documents (reference, statement, other) to Ameriabank if they have circulation of card or non-cash transactions in another bank.