November 19, 2008 - 13:27 AMT
AEPLAC presents annual report on economic development in Yerevan
AEPLAC, the Armenian European Policy and Legal Advice Center, presented "The Armenian Economic Trends: 2007 Annual Report" with a detailed analysis of the republic's macroeconomic development.

"This report offers a possibility to take a detached view of Armenia's economy development. We are thankful to AEPLAC for assistance," Tigran Davtyan, the RA Minister of Economy said during the ceremony.

The report traditionally provides an in-depth analysis of the main macroeconomic developments of Armenia in the course of 2007 using both extensive international comparisons for a number of indicators and considering their trends ad developments during recent years.

"This report is important for Armenia. It was a pleasure to work with AEPLAC," said Raul de Luzenberger, Head of European Commission Delegation to Armenia.

The 2007 report fixed a GDP 13% growth, thus bringing Armenia to the 6th position in the world chart.