September 2, 2020 - 18:15 AMT
Viva-MTS bringing cinema closer to subscribers

Viva-MTS and on Wednesday, September 2 announced that Viva-MTS subscribers can now access an online cinema by subscribing to

By activating a subscription to service, you will get:

– Exclusive content, catalogues by “Disney”, “Marvel”, “Warner”, “Paramount” and other production companies,

– Opportunity to continue from the stopped place on a smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart-TV,

– The most spectacular movies with high quality,

– No interruptions on commercials,

– Opportunity to watch content in a moving automobile: the quality gets adapted to the speed of the Internet,

– Opportunity to download films and shows without Internet access (the Internet provided within the tariff plan is not consumed only while video streaming),

– Opportunity to watch 5 different content on 5 different devices at the same time (More:,

– Opportunity to set kids’ content,

– Opportunity to set a kid profile,

– Opportunity to watch in the language of the original as well as with subtitles,

– Suggestions based on preferences

How to start using the service?

Activate the service:

To activate the service for 1 day activation, you need to send the command *484*1# and pay just AMD 70 per day.

For a 30-day activation, send the command *484*30#, in which case 1700 AMD/30 days will be charged.

The steps for activating the account are as follows:

– Open the website or download the app.

– For identification enter your Viva-MTS mobile phone number.

– Enter the password sent on your mobile phone number to finish identification.

The trial period – 7 days for daily subscription and 14 days for monthly subscription – is available only once for each mobile phone number.

To subscribe to the application via Viva-MTS phone number all other subscriptions to this application shall be deactivated.

The Internet provided within the tariff plan is not consumed while using the service, except when using in roaming.

All the content available for subscribed users is marked with “Subscription”. The payment for the content marked with “Purchase” is made separately using standard options of online payments (credit card, payment systems, etc.).

In case of unsubscribing before the expiry of the subscription period the automated prolongation of the service is terminated, while the subscriber continues using the service till the end of the current subscription.