September 29, 2020 - 18:33 AMT
Turkish F-16 downs Armenian Su-25 flying in Armenia's airspace

An F-16 fighter jet belonging to Turkey's air force has shot down an Armenian Su-25 attack bomber in Armenia's airspace, the Unified Infocenter said on Tuesday, September 29.

The pilot was killed.

The Turkish F-16 jets had taken off from Ganja airport in Azerbaijan as Su-25 bombers and Turkish-made Bayraktar drones were pounding the Armenian civilian settlements and positions in Gegharkunik province.

The bomber was providing close air support to the Armenian air defense units in the area when one of the Turkish jets flying at a distance of 60km from the border struck the Armenian aircraft.

Azerbaijan launched a major offensive against Karabakh (Artsakh) in the morning of September 27, shelling Armenian positions and civilian settlements with large caliber weapons and rocket systems. Armenia and Karabakh have introduced martial law and total mobilization. The Armenian side has reported deaths and injuries both among the civilian population and the military.