October 17, 2020 - 20:58 AMT
Israel: Azerbaijanis attack Armenians returning from rally

Dozens of Israelis and Armenians made their way to the Knesset in Jerusalem on Saturday, October 17 to protest against Israel's defense cooperation with Azerbaijan. The pro-Armenia protesters were seen making their way to Jerusalem in a long convoy of cars carrying Armenian flags, The Jerusalem Post reports.

On the way back, several cars lagged behind, and were attacked by Azerbaijanis, who started hitting the vehicles and attacking people, according to Facebook user Ilona Nersissian Semah.

The Azerbaijanis. though, fled the scene, as soon as they saw the police.

Azerbaijan, with help from Turkey and Syrian and Libyan mercenaries deployed by Ankara, started a war against Karabakh (Artsakh) in the morning of September 27. The Armenian side has reported deaths and injuries both among the civilian population and the military. Foreign and local journalists too have been injured in Azeri shelling of towns and villages.