November 26, 2020 - 20:05 AMT
Azerbaijani troops reportedly closing in on Armenian mine on border

The situation near the community of Sotk, Gegharkunik remains unclear, amid reports that Azerbaijanis have crossed the border and entered the territory of Armenia. The Defense Ministry has has denied the allegations.

Social media users and lawmakers from both the ruling and opposition parties on Thursday, November 26 began disseminating videos that allegedly show a convoy of Azerbaijani vehicles moving beyond the gates separating the two countries and proceeding towards Armenia.

According to, however, the video was taken from the territory of the Sotk gold mine situated on both sides of the border but the convoy seen in the video is still on the territory of Azerbaijan.

The Armenian Defense Ministry, as well as Mane Gevorgyan, the Prime Minister's spokesperson, have denied media reports alleging that the Azeris have entered the territory of the gold mine and demanded the employees to leave the premises. Head of Information and Public Relations Department at the Defense Ministry Gevorg Altunyan said Thursday the the sides are clarifying the border, and that the Azerbaijanis have not broken the gates.

Another video, however, allegedly shows Azerbaijani troops, as well as Armenian soldiers and civilians "near the mine". While GeoProMining Gold, the company that operates the largest gold mine in the country, was not available for comment, a representative from the National Security Service promised to provide more information as soon as possible.

Gegharkunik governor Gnel Sanosyan too has denied that the Azerbaijani troops have entered the territory of the gold mine, revealing that the sides are debating the location of the gate, reports.