July 29, 2021 - 13:36 AMT
Azerbaijan must connect with Russia through Azerbaijan – Pashinyan

Transport communications in the region must be unblocked, and Armenia must have a connection with Russia, Central Asia and Iran through the territory of Azerbaijan, acting Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan told a Cabinet meeting on Thursday, July 29.

According to him, Azerbaijan can reach Nakhijevan, Georgia and Iran through Armenia when all the routes are unblocked.

He stressed, though, that his government is not negotiating the provision of a "corridor" to Azerbaijan as there is no mention of such a term in trilateral statements signed by Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia..

"I have said on multiple occasions: Armenia has not, is not and will not be negotiating any corridor," the caretaker PM said.

The Azerbaijani side has on multiple occasions spoken about a so-called "corridor" through the southern Armenian province of Syunik that would connect Nakhijevan to the rest of Azerbaijan. The Armenian side, however, has repeatedly denied being involved in negotiations for the provision of a corridor to Azerbaijan, stressing that they have only agreed to unblock transport communications in the region.