September 24, 2022 - 11:53 AMT
Defrnse Ministry: Armenia prevents Azerbaijan's sabotage attempt

The Armenian army prevented the attempted sabotage of Azerbaijani troops who tried to reach the rear of one of the Armenian combat positions located in the eastern section of the border on Friday, September 23 evening, Defense Ministry spokesperson Aram Torosyan said Saturday.

According to Torosyan, the Armenian servicemen took measures to throw the Azeri troops back to their positions.

No casualties were reported, no other incidents were registered overnight.

The situation was relatively stable as of 10am on Saturday.

The latest round of fighting between the two countries began in the wee hours of September 13, when the Azerbaijani military attacked Armenian posts and shelled Armenian settlements both on the border and deep behind the frontline. At least 207 people are dead or missing as a result, the Security Council of Armenia said on Monday.