September 24, 2022 - 15:42 AMT
Azeri defense chief orders army to "stop Armenia's provocations"

Azerbaijani Defense Minister Zakir Hasanov on Saturday, September 23 instructed the army to "increase the vigilance of the personnel", reports.

Hasanov ordered the troops to be ready and "immediately and decisively suppress any provocations by the Armenian Armed Forces"

Similar reports from Azerbaijan about the Armenian side's "provocations" are usually aimed at preparing the ground for more attacks of the Azerbaijani armed forces against Armenia.

The Azerbaijani media have also reported that three soldiers were injured in "Armenia's fire". The news, however, came after the Defense Ministry said that the Armenian forces have prevented the attempted sabotage of a group of Azeri soldiers who tried to reach the rear of an Armenian military unit.

The latest round of fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan began in the wee hours of September 13, when the Azerbaijani military attacked Armenian posts and shelled Armenian settlements both on the border and deep behind the frontline. At least 207 people are dead or missing as a result, the Security Council of Armenia said on Monday.