February 2, 2023 - 17:02 AMT
Armenia against CSTO PA relations with OIC, OTS

Lawmaker Hakob Arshakyan from the ruling Civil Contract party Hakob Arshakyan has said that it is unacceptable for Armenia that the CSTO parliamentary assembly establish relations with the PAs of the Organization of Islamic Conference and Organization of Turkic States.

Arshakyan, who is the Parliament Vice President and the Chairman of the CSTO PA Permanent Commission on Political Affairs and International Cooperation, took part in the Second Meeting of the Chairs of the Committees of parliaments of the CSTO PA member states at the Russian State Duma in Moscow.

“That formulation is not acceptable for the Armenian side at the current phase, as Armenophobic steps are taken by the working bodies of said structures, distinct assessments are voiced in favor of Azerbaijan, including the armed attack against Armenia,” Arshakyan said.