March 13, 2023 - 14:34 AMT
Security of thousands is no “internal affair”, Armenia tells Azerbaijan

Armenia’s ambassador-at-large Edmon Marukyan has responded to Azerbaijani presidential aide Hikmet hajiyev’s remarks, reminding that latter that the security of thousands of people is not an “internal issue” since World War II.

Hajiyev said earlier that Armenia's conditions for signing a peace treaty with Azerbaijan cannot include discussions of the rights of the people of Karabakh. Top Azerbaijani officials have claimed on numerous occasions that the Karabakh conflict is Azerbaijan’s “internal affair”.

“Hajiyev claims there won’t be international mechanisms for security and rights of NK Armenians. He insists that it’s Azerbaijan’s internal affair,” Marukyan tweeted on Monday, March 13.

“I must remind again: fundamental human rights and freedoms, security of thousands of people aren’t considered internal issue since WW2.”

Since December 12, the sole road connecting Nagorno Karabakh to Armenia - the Lachin Corridor - has been blocked by self-described Azerbaijani environmentalists. Karabakh residents have reported food and fuel shortages, while hospital patients don't have access to essential medicines, with only a handful allowed transfer to facilities in Armenia proper.