July 14, 2023 - 14:42 AMT
Yerevan Brandy Company presents unexpected honey twist

ARARAT Honey – ARARAT with the taste of honey is a combination of the classic and innovations, which reveals new facets of both brandy and honey.

The notion was initially developed back in 2013 which took from masters of Yerevan Brandy Company almost ten years of creative search in order to reach an absolute manifestation of harmony.

With 30% ABV, ARARAT Honey is emphasized with the golden, light amber color, typical of ARARAT.

With the following initiative, Yerevan Brandy Company continues its successful strategy of "Involving Young Consumers" applied in more than 50 markets.

Launched in 2019, the ARARAT Flavor range was aimed at strengthening the brand’s position in the “Premium +” segment and involving new consumers. Produced in the previous years, ARARAT Apricot, ARARAT Coffee, and ARARAT Cherry have been holding the title of “N1 imported flavored brandy worldwide” with their consumption values for several years thanks to the dedicated and consistent work of Yerevan Brandy Company professionals and ARARAT team across the world. This research is done by IWSR – a leading international research company in the alcohol sector.

“Just like brandy, honey is a unique gift of nature, which is also born in the process of “blending” by combining the nectars of various flowers and plants. Hence, the notion brought out years ago has also a beautiful symbolic meaning. We had taken into consideration that various types of honey have different origins, acquiring different tastes and flavors. We were rather confident in the compatibility of brandy and honey, nevertheless we needed to get from these two sufficient ingredients such an interplay that would give complementary facets to both brandy and honey,” highlights Hamlet Antonyan, Head of Production of Yerevan Brandy Company.

ARARAT Honey has a rich and round taste with emphasized notes of nectar which is preceded by the aroma characteristics of ARARAT brandy and beeswax.

ARARAT Honey can be enjoyed neat, with ice, or in a mix of cocktails.