April 12, 2024 - 15:03 AMT
Armenia NSS sheds light on incident on border with Azerbaijani

The National Security Service of Armenia has opened a criminal case into the “apparent violation” of a number of rules of military service by Armenian border guards, which resulted in a shootout near the village of Nerkin Khndzoresk in Syunik province on the border with Azerbaijan. As a result, an Azerbaijani border guard was wounded.

As noted by the National Security Service, on April 10, a conscript of the border troops of the National Security Service learned that a shepherd had gotten lost and ended up with his herd on Azerbaijani territory, and together with his colleagues decided to cross the border without permission and return the cattle, thereby violating the rules of service.

“As a result of the incident, a soldier of the Azerbaijani Border Service was injured. Expressing regret about what happened, the NSS took measures to ensure that the servicemen of the NSS Border Service strictly observe the rules of service and eliminate such cases,” the NSS noted.

Based on the results of the internal investigation, a corresponding letter was sent to the Investigative Committee, where a criminal case was opened and an investigation is underway.

On April 10, the Azerbaijani side reported that as a result of shooting from the Armenian side, senior lieutenant Rovshan Mamedov was wounded.