May 8, 2009 - 19:43 AMT
Eastern Partnership not to mitigate social-economic problems
The initial sum intended for implementation of democracy reforms within Eastern Partnership project frameworks comprises 600 million Euros. "It seems a trivial sum, however, if we remember about 'targeted' and effective use, we'll be able to implement very serious initiatives towards post-Soviet countries' European integration," Deputy Director of Strategic Cultural Foundation Andrei Areshev told a PanARMENIAN.Net correspondent.

According to Areshev, the sums allocated within "Eastern Partnership" project frameworks are unlikely to be directed to such spheres as poverty eradication, corruption and social-economic inequality. "Those sums are not aimed at solving such problems," Areshev emphasizes.

Mr. Areshev finds that Eastern Partnership is intended for specific top-class groups, and does not aim to mitigate acute social-economic problems. "All this fully applies to Armenia. The country's participation in Eastern Partnership program will have very little positive effect, if any at all. Possible negative impacts may be caused by the loss of de facto national sovereignty. There may also be significant problems in the context of unsettled Karabakh conflict," Areshev notes.