May 15, 2024 - 18:36 AMT
Moscow slams EU mission in Armenia for “provocative activity”

The EU mission is doing more and more against Armenia’s neighbors Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran, and is conducting openly provocative activity, Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin says in an interview with

“The fact that the mission is an instrument of the EU’s hybrid war confirms its secrecy, unaccountability and uncontrollability by either Armenia, Azerbaijan, or other interested countries and structures,” noted the Deputy Head of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“The mission conducts openly provocative activities, is fully engaged in anti-Russian propaganda, planting in the Armenian society false ideas about the European Union as a “source of security and prosperity” for Armenia.” “Moreover, the activities of the EU members are becoming increasingly anti-Azerbaijani and anti-Iranian in nature,” he said.

According to Galuzin, if we talk about the tasks of ensuring long-term regional security, stability and socio-economic development, “then the plans of the Westerners to militarize the region and expand the military-political influence of the EU and NATO there are completely inconsistent.”

The senior diplomat noted that Russia stands for the complete unblocking of economic and transport communications in the South Caucasus. “This is exactly what the trilateral working group, created in 2021 by decision of the leaders of Russia, Azerbaijan and Armenia, under the joint chairmanship of the deputy prime ministers of the three countries, is doing,” he said.

Galuzin also charged that it was under pressure from Western countries that Yerevan decided to freeze trilateral cooperation on the matter as well.