September 25, 2009 - 14:51 AMT
Hrant Vardanyan: Masis Tobacco operates without downtime
Masis Tobacco operates without downtime and has not incurred the crisis impact, Grand Holding owner Hrant Vardanyan told journalists. The factory, he said, has 1600 permanent employees and 1050 seasonal workers. "Crisis has not affected our work; on the contrary, we had new job openings. All difficulties are possible to overcome if one uses common sense. Over the whole period of our work we have never sought Government's financial assistance," entrepreneur said, adding that per kilogram price for tobacco leaves comprised AMD 73 which the company paid to villagers.

Touching on possible opening of Armenian-Turkish border, Vardanyan noted that it created good opportunities for Armenia, considering Turkey's big market. "Our businessmen's concerns that cheap Turkish products might oppress local manufacturers are unfounded. I think Government will make relevant amendments to customs policy legislation, protecting Armenian goods from damping prices," entrepreneur stressed.