August 6, 2010 - 16:34 AMT
John Downes: Armenia is among undisclosed tourist secrets of Europe

President Emeritus of the International Forum of Travel and Tourism Advocates John Downes said that Armenia has great tourist opportunities, and one can say that it is among undisclosed tourist secrets of Europe. “It is necessary to diversify the country’s tourist sector and increase the level of provided services to disclose this secret. Legislative amendments, on which works are carried out now, will contribute to this,” said John Downs during an unofficial meeting to discuss key issues of the legislation regulating the tourism sphere of Armenia.

According to the expert, there is a gap between the Armenian experience and methods in the tourism sphere and world experience. “The legislation will eliminate the gap, increasing the level of activity’s efficiency and making Armenia an exampler for other countries,” noted John Downes.

He added that the legislative amendments aim not only to increase the level of tourist activity in the country but also to introduce new technologies.

The unofficial meeting was organized by the RA Ministry of Economy and Competitive Armenian Private Sector (CAPS) program through the assistance of Hotels Association.