May 26, 2011 - 19:38 AMT
Medvedev, Obama, Sarkozy seem to be tired of waiting for Karabakh conflict settlement

The Presidents of the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chair countries - Barack Obama (U.S.), Nicolas Sarkozy (France) and Dmitry Medvedev (Russia) - adopted a traditional statement on the Karabakh conflict settlement at the G8 summit in the French resort of Deauville.

In addition to making declarative appeals and statements, the three Presidents firmly called on the Armenian and Azerbaijani leaders “to demonstrate political will and finalize...the basic principles (of a peace agreement) during the forthcoming summit in June.”

The presidents of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are slated to meet in June in the Russian city of Kazan, the next in a series of trilateral meetings on the frozen conflict. Otherwise, the Russian, U.S. and French Presidents are ready to doubt “the parties’ adherence to reach an agreement,” that is not so far from the truth, taking into consideration Azerbaijan’s unwillingness to solve the Karabakh conflict peacefully.

Besides, without naming the certain addressee, Medvedev, Obama and Sarkozy reacted to permanent provocations and continuous threats of Azerbaijan to launch a new war in Karabakh. The Presidents "firmly called on the leaders of the sides to prepare their people for peace, not war," which is so desirable for the Azerbaijani authorities, for which the Karabakh conflict resolution may lead to loss of power.

It is difficult to predict which methods of coercion will be applied by the superpowers, if the parties to the Karabakh conflict do not listen to the appeals for a peaceful resolution, but it is evident that Medvedev, Obama and Sarkozy are already tired of waiting for the conflict settlement.

Marina Ananikyan / PanARMENIAN News